The HelloBirth© Audio Library

The HelloBirth approach to hypnobirthing is unique in that we offer a combination of teaching tracks and tracks to play during birth and postpartum. Each track has a specific purpose. Anyone who enrolls in a HelloBirth class with one of our certified instructors will receive access to the hypnosis audio library through our app. The teaching tracks allow you to learn and practice special cues that will activate during labor all of the powerful change you've been creating through the mind-body connection. Decrease your fear, increase your confidence, and lessen your birthing discomfort with the HelloBirth approach! Not sure you'll be able to take a class? Read Can I learn hypnobirthing on my own?

Class 1: Hypnosis Audio Library

  • Your Release Button

Learn a physical cue useful for quickly releasing all tension in the body. Next week the Release Button will become a way to activate your Soft Wave technique and will be practiced and used independently from an audio session, making it an ideal tool to use throughout labor.

  • Positive Pregnancy & Birth Affirmations

Language is a powerful tool for creating helpful and realistic associations with our experiences. This track invites you to create a process of change on a conscious level, which will enhance your ability to use your new hypnosis skills with confidence.

Class 2: Hypnosis Audio Library

  • Your Soft Wave Rapid Relaxation

Using the power of the imagination and your mind-body connection, you will be invited to learn and practice a progressive relaxation technique. You will be guided to gently relax from the top of your head down to your feet, and practice speeding up your wave of relaxation by using a special cue.

  • Rock This Birth! Depth Hypnosis Practice

During this session you'll experience a very deep level of hypnosis designed to create lasting change! You'll go from feeling like, "how am I going to do this?" to "I can do this!" You'll be invited to visualize the birthing process and imagine how you'll be using your new skills to respond to the birth sensations.

Class 3: Hypnosis Audio Library

  • Strengthen Your Hypno-Comfort

Partners are invited to join in learning another physical cue they can participate in to help increase comfort in the laboring person's body even more. If you are learning solo, you will learn to use this cue yourself.

Class 4 and Beyond

    • Optimal Position for Baby
    • Release Your Fear
    • Ease Into Birth
    • Birth In Focus
    • My Cesarean Birth
    • Change of Course Affirmations
    • Emotionally Balanced Postpartum
  • Coming Soon: 
    • Affirmations for Healthy Lactation
    • Support for Baby Feeding