hypnobabies vs hypnobirthing

Hypnobabies vs HypnoBirthing

What's the difference? This question is one that consumers and experts alike are asking frequently. To help answer the question of Hypnobabies vs HypnoBirthing, we'll cover the major differences between the two predominant programs. More importantly, we'll go ahead and share the secrets about why we created HelloBirth as a unique form of hypnobirthing: 1) to improve results for students; 2) to improve support for the instructors. (We'll expand more on these goals and how we're reaching them in 2023 in the last section of this post!)

First, a little history. Founded by Marie Mongan, the HypnoBirthing Institute and the gold seal indicating "the original and still the best" would indicate the program is the only way to learn hypnosis for birth. Fast forward to today and this is certainly not the case. There are at least a dozen other hypnosis for birth programs, which can become confusing, to be sure.  Hypnobabies was founded some years later to address the initial problems of training gaps and incomplete student materials.

Why are there so many different ways to learn hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing as a general term is a philosophy with good intentions. That's why it has become so popular over the years and the reason that many other hypnobirthing programs have popped up. To borrow a phrase from TedTalks, HypnoBirthing began as an idea worth spreading. The hundreds of practitioners who trained through the HypnoBirthing Institute unfortunately have had to build quite a bit onto what they were given in order to make a full-fledged class. And that's actually the reason Hypnobabies was created, as an opportunity to fill in some of what was missing.

But what consumers really need to know before deciding which class to take is that a lot is missing from HypnoBirthing in terms of hypnosis techniques. It's hard to believe, but as experts in the field we can confidently say you can expect to receive solid results from both Hypnobabies and HelloBirth hypnosis techniques, but not necessarily from all HypnoBirthing classes.

Here's a quick summary of Hypnobabies vs HypnoBirthing side by side:

element Hypnobabies HypnoBirthing
Audio tracks122
Instructors in DC region126
Instructors in Chicago112
Instructors in Atlanta06

So why HelloBirth?

There are a couple of major reasons we decided to branch off from both of these programs to create HelloBirth. The first and most important reason is that we are improving upon accessibility and quality even more, for both students and instructors. We have designed a simple, elegant program that is easy to learn and digest, and fun to teach. We have certified our first group of instructors with more coming in 2023!

*Our HelloBirth audio track set is complete! Hypnobabies is known for its medical-grade hypnosis techniques and HelloBirth has employed this depth as well -- with even more accessible language than Hypnobabies uses.

The HelloBirth hypnosis audio library is robust! And unlike Hypnobabies, every single student receives the whole sha-bang. There are 3 core hypnosis tracks, each teaching an important technique. Our Depth track guides you to a very relaxing place where your techniques are strengthened and reinforced. Pregnancy Affirmations keeps you feeling positive in your day-to-day living. You will also benefit greatly from our Optimal Positioning track and the Fear Release session. There are two hypnosis tracks for the birthing day, plus two supportive tracks for special situations, and there are supportive postpartum tracks as well. There is an interactive digital class guide as well as a beautiful full-color guide to keep in your birth bag. The teaching guide will help the instructors run a class seamlessly with research-based teaching techniques.

Perhaps most importantly, we offer the thoroughness and effectiveness that's needed without the overwhelming, rigid methodology. We offer the core philosophies that the movement towards positive birth was originally founded on and have built something truly special. We've designed a clean, modern, effective and simple program.

At HelloBirth we believe there is always room to grow. We're starting with a focus on instilling the same level of confidence in our instructors that we ultimately want to impart to our students. We have created exactly the program and the materials we've always wanted to be able to offer to our pregnant clients and exactly what instructors need to succeed at both teaching and building a business around their classes. If you're weighing your options and considering Hypnobabies vs HypnoBirthing, we hope you'll give HelloBirth a look. And please let us know if you have any questions! We are so excited to share this amazing program with you.

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