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Should I attend a HelloBirth hypnobirthing instructor training or a HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) practitioner training? What’s the difference?

At HelloBirth we're all about the freedom to decide what's best for you and your childbirth education business. But it can be so tricky to tell the differences between the various hypnobirthing instructor trainings when searching online. We really can't stress enough how often we hear colleagues say they would have chosen a different organization to train with for their doula training or childbirth educator training had they really understood what it was like from an insider's perspective. Watch a quick video which explains why going with HelloBirth is a solid choice. In a nutshell, Lindsey and I created HelloBirth because the longstanding organizations we started our careers with were not adequately supporting us in healthy growth. Although some strides were made to affect positive change in these organizations (the HypnoBirthing Institute and Hypnobabies, respectively), we did not have an open, honest community to turn to for ideas or encouragement. When suggestions were made, Facebook comments were often turned off by an admin, for example. No attempt to have constructive, conversation is made.

In short, these programs were behind-the-times which helped us realize our passion for being the change we wished to see. Of course we acknowledge the good experiences that instructors (and students) have going through these programs. But what we realized is that life is too short to continue waiting for cultural shifts that may never come.

So here's what we can tell you about our HelloBirth Hypnobirthing instructor training, perfect for both new and experienced instructors. It's happening January 2023. Yes, it will be virtual, so you won't have any travel costs or concerns. Yes, it will be interactive and exciting. Most importantly, it will give you everything you need to not only become a certified hypnobirthing teacher and lead your own hypnobirthing classes, but you'll also leave with a solid understanding of how to actually become an engaging teacher and loads of tips on how to be a successful business owner. If you're already a doula, you probably have a great understanding of how this will help you stand out in your community.

In the best hypnobirthing teacher training, they'd definitely better teach the foundational principles of hypnosis. They can't get away without showing you how you can teach people to learn hypnosis techniques for childbirth. But surprisingly enough, a lot of the hypnobirthing teacher trainings we've seen don't really focus on principles of adult learning. HelloBirth does. And they don't really provide any business guidance or support. We do.

You're probably curious about the HelloBirth curriculum! We have heard rave reviews from our first students and instructors on the light, modern materials and fresh approach.

Why we really think HelloBirth is the best hypnobirthing instructor training

One reason you might decide HelloBirth is the best hypnobirthing instructor training around is that we teach hypnosis skills that really work and we provide an easy-to-use practice schedule that your students will actually follow through with. We have a well-rounded audio library that includes people whose births take some twists and turns, rather than trying to convince them these challenges will probably never happen and then asking them to buy something extra when they do. Birth can be beautiful, easy, and even pleasurable. But at HelloBirth we take a positive approach without going too heavy on telling people what kind of birth they will have. What we do is equip the students with tools for more comfort, techniques for more calm, and information for more empowered decisions without steering them in a particular direction. Not everyone wants or can medically have an unmedicated birth and that includes some of our amazing HelloBirth hypnobirthing students.

There are many reasons why your students might choose to use Pitocin or an epidural or to have a Cesarean birth. Those students deserve to have accessible hypnosis for childbirth tools they can use, just the same as the students who choose to have unmedicated births.

What are the differences between the major trainings?

Any hypnobirthing program you could choose to train with has its own strengths and weaknesses. The major gaps HelloBirth specifically is filling are 1) an inclusive, comprehensive curriculum in an easily digestible format 2) a membership community that supports our instructors and actively participates in helping them to grow and be successful. Our goal is for each member to feel like they are a part of something special where their voices can be heard.

Just to reiterate, if you want to offer the best hypnobirthing teacher training, you have to teach people how to teach. You also need to provide well-produced materials that are not going to be overwhelming for your students.

We are so happy, excited and grateful to be offering HelloBirth to the world. We already have teachers ready to offer classes from California to DC! Join HelloBirth and start your path towards creating a light, fun, thorough and educational journey for students. We think you'll be telling all your doula, midwife and childbirth educator friends that it's the best hypnobirthing instructor training available!

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